Yarra Yarra’s dress requirements have been designed to reflect the standard of the Club, yet be practical for all Club members and visitors.

Visitors are required to comply with the Club’s dress standards. Members inviting guests to the Club are responsible for ensuring their guests are properly informed of and comply with the Club’s dress standards.

Golfing attire both on the course and in the Clubhouse is to be clean, tidy and appropriate to the game of golf. In order to assist members and visitors to interpret this expectation, the following standards will be applied when considering the suitability of dress. Unless otherwise stated these guidelines apply to both men and women.

  • On the Course and Practice Facilities

    • Tailored trousers, shorts or skirts must be worn.
    • Trousers, shorts or skirts designed to be supported by a belt must be worn with a belt.
    • Men’s shirts must have a collar and be tucked in to trousers/shorts.
    • Socks of any length may be worn with shorts.
    • Men’s short socks must be predominantly white in colour and may feature a small logo.
    • Socks must be worn with footwear.
    • Only golf shoes (soft spike or spikeless) are permitted.

    Unacceptable items of dress

    • Denim apparel of any description.
    • Gym and non-golf sporting apparel of any description.
    • Gym or running shoes, thongs or bare feet.
    • Abbreviated shorts, shorts or long pants with an elasticised waist, shorts supported by a drawstring, three quarter pants and shorts or three quarter length pants with large ‘cargo’ style pockets.
    • Trousers must not be tucked into socks unless designed to do so.
    • T-shirts.
    • Shirts without collars (an exception applies to women’s shirts and shirts that are specifically designed for golf).
    • Apparel and headwear displaying large non-golf related motifs, logos or advertising.
    • Caps and visors worn backwards.
    • Caps and visors worn upstairs in the Clubhouse.
    • Shoes with metal spikes.
    • Facial jewellery over 10mm.

    These dress standards apply to all members, member’s guests, visitors, caddies and spectators.

  • In the Clubhouse and Surrounds

    Neat casual dress is the minimum standard acceptable within the confines of the Clubhouse.

    • In general terms, golf attire which is acceptable on the course will be acceptable in the Clubhouse.
    • Golf shoes may be worn in the Clubhouse, except in the dining rooms.
    • Women may wear sandals.
    • Men may wear a closed shoe without socks, such as a boat shoe. Sandals, with or without socks, and thongs are not acceptable.
    • Caps, visors or hats may be worn on the ground floor only.

    These dress standards apply to all members, member’s guests, visitors, caddies and spectators.